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My default accent is RP (Received Pronunciation) - the kind of neutral British accent that used to be known as 'BBC' or 'Oxford English'.
​But as you can see from the Demos, my voice is very flexible - I can reproduce an upper-class accent, various English regional accents, as well as Scottish, Irish and Welsh accents.

My educational background in European languages (French & German) has given me a good ear for language sounds and accents.

I can come to your facility or record from home, using my own studio, delivering the final product to you by whichever channel is most convenient.  See:


I am available for any of the general categories of voice work, including

  • commercial voiceovers
  • video narration
  • elearning
  • telephone voice response
  • audiobooks



The voice

 Guy Bethell

​    The BritVoice Guy

Hi, I'm Guy Bethell, a fresh new face/voice in the voiceover industry, based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Newly exited from the corporate world, I'm ready and eager
​to help your organization achieve its aims by lending you

a voice with that distinctive British flavor.

To help you decide if my voice will be a good fit, listen to these samples:

  • Commercial Demo1:09
  • Narration Demo1:17