STUDIO setup

  • Hardware/Software: Avid MBox2 Mini with ProTools LE
  • Microphone: ADK A51 Mk 5.1
  • Headphones: Direct Sound EX-29
  • Environment: Soundproofed vocal booth


225 East Forest Hills Dr. Phoenix AZ 85022 US   |  +1 480-438-0637

 Guy Bethell

‚Äč    The BritVoice Guy

  • Audio files in any of the standard formats - MP3, WAV, AIFF.
  • Content - dry voice recordings with breath/mouth sounds, timing and pacing edited to your requirements. Music track can be added to your specifications if needed.


  • Audio files in any of these formats can be sent to you as email attachments, or 
  • you will be emailed a link to my Skydrive server to download the files to your computer.